A Short History About Thai Script


King Ramkhamhaeng Wasn’t Just a valiant
And intelligent ruler, but he cares a lot about the welfare
of his people.

The Thai script (writing) Was Made by King Ramkhamhaeng,
The second son of King Si Intharathit of all Sukhothai who’d
Free-D Thailand from the Khmer. ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา  King Ramkhamhaeng was likewise the very prosperous monarch in history
to rule out the Sukhothai kingdom.

So as to be truly independent from the influences of the Mon and the Khmer,
He generated”The Sukhothai Script” in 1283 A.D also it was
the oldest Thai writing which has been pure Thai.

The Sukhothai Script was actually originated from the early
Brahmi script of South India called “Grantha”.

Back in 1680,
the King Narai script has been introduced and it has become
the federal Thai script.
Thai consonant class is required for pronunciation…

The contemporary Thai script now uses an alphabet of 44 consonants, 32 vowels
The consonants are then divided into 3 classes, high, medium
and non. Please remember that the classes are completely random though. A low consonant may possibly seem like a high tone and also
the alternative is also correct.

Learning Thai is not so difficult at all when you have a person to practise with. If you want to accelerate the learning process, make sure you locate a Thai friend who is ready to speak Thai with you. You are able to see them readily on skype, msn, yahoo messenger, myspace or alternative societal network.

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