Don’t Gamble With Your Quick Weight Loss Plan

Being overweight can have devastating effects on both self-esteem and quality of life. Overweight people may perceive themselves as a failure. In many cases their quality of life is negatively impacted by the fact that they are physically incapable of fully enjoying life.

So many people are searching for the magic bullet that will sort out all of their problems
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Losing weight, and even more so if it is done rapidly, can make a big difference to both the self perception and other people’s perceptions of the overweight person. In the act of losing weight and becoming fitter they now see themselves as a success and so do others. Therefore this should serve as a strong motivation to do this successfully.

Before setting out a quick weight loss plan it is important to have a medical checkup and get advice on what the most effective plan would be. An oft overlooked specialist in this regard is the dietitian. Their specialist advice will also ensure that the plan to be followed will not have any negative impact on the person’s health or aggravate any underlying problems.

The following strategy should have a positive and sustainable long term result:

Firstly the plan must be realistic and achievable. It must have milestones that can be objectively measured and that indicate real progress. Progress must be rewarded to recognise and reinforce their success.

Secondly the quick weight loss plan must be properly balanced with regard to the mindset, the physical activity and the diet.

Mental preparedness and a kind of ‘no pain no gain’ attitude will be a great basis to start from. There has to be an absolute commitment and willingness to change. This should be supported by suitable experts as well as close family and friends. As at times it will be very difficult to keep to the program. Small setbacks should be seen for exactly that, small setbacks, and not seen as a failure.

The exercise plan must be carefully designed to ensure there is no over training so that the possibility of injuries is reduced. Initially there is a tendency to go all out thinking, the more you do the more you lose. This is not true and intense training days must be followed by rest, or easy days, to allow the body to recover and rebuild.

The food and eating plan must be balanced and controlled with regard to complex carbohydrates, proteins and fat. On the other hand it must also provide enough nutrients and energy to compensate for the increased exercise.

With a well thought out quick weight loss plan and the right positive and optimistic mental attitude, fantastic results can be achieved. It can work if you make it and a whole new world awaits!

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