How To Buy And Sell A Car, Motorhome Or Campervan In New Zealand


There are three chief ways for people to get and sell cars and other vehicles in newzealand, licensed automobile trader, auction and newspaper. The net and car fairs will also be used.

Change of Ownership

This is achieved with two forms, filled with the buyer and seller, and the buyer pays with this and it costs around $10nzd. The buyer takes one form into the post office, and the seller sends in the other form. The new owner is then sent out the new Certification of Registration. The shape isn’t a possession newspaper but does reveal that the new buyer is the registered owner.

WOF and Registration

The WOF is an 15-minute test that is completed PPSR Check every six weeks or older vehicles and 1-2 weeks on newer vehicles. This check is to be certain that the car is safe and roadworthy. It’s going to cost you around $25-$55nzd according to the checking centre. Many dealerships offer you this service in addition to purpose built testing facilities, with an overall total of approximately 3,500 WOF agents all over New Zealand.
For those who have a current WOF you will then head to your nearest post office and then get between 3 and 12 weeks of enrollment. This will cost approximately $230nzd for 1 year.


Insurance isn’t compulsory in New Zealand, but most people do have insurancecoverage. For those who might have insurance this covers damage you are doing, or even someone else does for youpersonally. Any injuries are covered by ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) that really is an area of the Authorities that pays for your injuries and loss of income for any crash.
Insurance is not so expensive compared to somewhere such as the United Kingdom. Here is a quote; full charge for a 29 year old, driving a $6000 conventional car, having a fantastic driving album, would be around $350nzd.

Money owed by previous owner

You need to ensure that there is not any money on account of the vehicle, otherwise you could find yourself in a situation where the automobile is habituated to repay the last owners debts. For $3 you can check the automobile with all the Personal Property Securities Register (tel 0900 90977; web site You will need to provide particulars of the vehicle’s registration, VIN and chassis amount.

Licensed Automobile Dealer

These are just what their name tells you they have been licensed to trade in motor vehicles. They also offer you the most protection when purchasing a car. They provide guarantees and has to represent the vehicle right and in a saleable condition. For the most coverage you can pay a”retail” price, which in most cases will be more that you would pay on the”wholesale” auction market.


This choice is open to anyone in just about any place to promote their vehicle for whatever price they desire having an as is where’s overall principle. Once you’ve attracted your car or other vehicle off any individual from the paper and something isn’t right the challenge is now yours. You can find regional papers and the most used are the exchange and trade type papers in each region. All these are free for private sellers to advertise in with the cost of the newspaper to buy is only under $3.00nzd.


This option is very popular for this being that the”wholesale” market price of an automobile you’ll be able to pick up inexpensive auto if purchasing and reach surprising results if selling based on the place and time. The most well respected and professional nationwide auction company will be Turners, and also a trip to these may be worth the moment. They’ve lots of auctions a week.
Auctions are just like the newspaper and all vehicles can be purchased on an as is where is basis, you have to check for current WOF and enrollment plus it’s all your choice to sort new ones if they’re expired. Turners have expanded their own business over time to become users friendly and now offer guarantees, fund and pre-purchase vehicle assessments. The auction will charge a commission for selling and have a fee for buying.


The Web could be treated the exact same manner for a newspaper advertisement. All vehicles have been treated in an as is where is basis. Three good websites Businesses are Trade Me and Traderpoint or if you Are Searching for a campervan or Motor Home

Car fair

All these are installed in major New Zealand centres and therefore are treated the same as an exclusive paper sale with respect to security to the buyer. With so many items to accomplish in New Zealand you sometimes can devote a lot of time loitering at car fairs and this would be a good spot to buy other tourists needing to move on.

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