Is There Cheating in Online Poker?

In reputable poker websites, cheating at online poker really is unheard of. But, there are isolated cases of cheating in less than trusted poker websites in the past. 1 notable case has been that the Ultimate Bet adulterous scandal that severely hurt the standing of on-line poker.


Luckily, the instances of cheating at online poker are extremely rare. Up to now, there has never been one instance of cheating occurring at a leading on-line poker site. Cheating would be exceedingly difficult to get away with as each and every hand has been monitored by poker people using data monitoring computer software BandarQ.


When there clearly was a event of players winning way significantly more than that they need to be (like that there was Ultimate Bet a couple of years ago), the winrate would be noticed also it would stick out like a sore head. In fact, that’s how the cheaters in Ultimate Bet were caught in the very first location.


In general, however, on the web poker is as protected as it receives. I’ve played online poker for years and left 1000s of dollars as I got started and haven’t ever been scammed the moment. I have always played fair games, my withdrawals have always been compensated and also my livelihood moved just as I hoped it would.


Sure, since I’ve received lots of awful beats over the years but I’ve never been a victim of cheating on. Chances to be scammed at a leading internet poker website are basically nil.


But What About Collusion?


When folks hear that I’m a specialist on-line poker player, they always end up asking me”properly, cannot a bunch of people just perform at an identical table and talk to eachother over the phone and cheat you out of one’s cash?”


Sure, people could do that, however it couldn’t get them everywhere. First importantly, every single major poker internet site is equipped with security applications that instantly scans each and every hand performed in the tables and also finds signs of suspicious betting patterns…


As an example, if someone is dealt KK along with his buddy is dealt AA, as well as also the man with KK folds without putting a penny from the pot, the software will flag that hand for review by a dwell stability professional.


But if that was not the case, I wouldn’t be concerned about collusion on the web. What is the worst that a couple of guys speaking on the telephone can perform for me personally? What exactly can they accomplish by knowing each other’s palms? I guess if they’re good they can conserve just a little cash by bending when one other person really has a hand.


People who are proficient enough to make good funds by means of collusion won’t will need to collude at the first location! They can create more money by themselves without being forced to pay out a second associate in offense. Collusion can be quite a stupid idea as well as the only real time that it would be a factor would be in highstakes games where the participant pool is very tiny. Even then, it would really be obvious if anybody was colluding.




Overall, cheating in online poker isn’t an issue to me personally. I have logged hundreds of tens of thousands of hands-on tables rather than once have I noticed that a funny pattern. Something similar can be said for any online on-line poker player too. If there is a case of cheating happening, the whole poker local community would be making a lot of sound.


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