Strategy Poker – Comparing Poker to Stockmarkets


First off, let me say before I begin throughout this article, I’m going to try this metaphor dry, so I’m not reading a bit of creative logic now. For the rest of the strategy as you would like to be a stock portfolio.

Anyone can win in poker; in fact I would have at least been in the money once. Winning in the short term is not the ultimate goal of a poker player, but to win a constant rate, winnings are consistently higher than losers. Now that just sounds like a common sense but it is amazing how little players think about this fact fully before buying in a game 오바마카지노.

Consider a typical first time depositor. Perhaps they’ve played a few home games and are familiar with the basic ins and outs. They deposit $ 60 and buy in for a $ 15 sit and go. They come second and win $ 20. The confidence of their book in for a $ 30 sit and go and behold they squeeze out a win. The sky high feeling they buy in for $ 100 hopes to hold on to some big bucks, only to lose their entire bankroll drain away. It doesn’t matter if you win 99 times out of 100, if you bet your entire bankroll every time you will still lose it all in the end.

This is an extreme example, but it is just to illustrate that you need to take a percentage, but also fluctuations and variations that can happen to games with so many random elements.

Managing Risk

This is where the share markets come in. Just as in poker, many bro have gone broke by putting all their eggs in one basketball and purchasing too many shares in the same company. You may make a few gains but in the long run it’s a risky tactic. That’s why almost all traders practice what’s called diversification, spreading their investments into lots of different companies so that one investment has less effect on the overall value.

This is the key point that I think should be considered when developing your poker strategy. The shares are equivalent to the individual games, and the chance of winning the x amount won. That means that you should always diversify your poker game only ever buying in games that are a small fraction of your total bankroll. Different games and spread the risk of losing any individual game.

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